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About us

Bow-Wow Bones are delicious peanut butter dog treats packed fresh with no preservatives by young adults with disabilities from the Seacoast of New Hampshire.  Bow-Wow Bones are made with whole wheat flour, white flour, milk, peanut butter and baking powder.


Bethany Church has graciously supported our program by allowing us to use their commercial kitchen Thursday mornings. Each baker is paired with an adult to assist with the process of baking and packaging the dog treats.  The size and shapes of the treats vary from season-to-season and from baker-to-baker.  Some of our bakers like to use different cookie cutters each time and others prefer to use a cutter that they are familiar with and have good results with.  What makes our product unique is each package contains different size and shaped dog treats.  Each package weighs approximately 5.5 ounces with a label that states the ingredients and guaranteed analysis of the product. 


Our production team is enthusiastically growing and sales are on the rise.  Bow-Wow Bones can be purchased throughout the Seacoast community at local retail establishments and farmers markets.      


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